Ana de Matos (director / producer / editor)

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I am an all-round filmmaker and visual anthropologist. The foundation for my current work started in the improv dance/theatre scene in London. My first collaborative audio-visual project was with the movement guru Suprapto Suryodarmo and artist Phyllida Barlow, exploring the body as a moving sculpture.

My current practice explores the possibilities and challenges of the audio-visual medium to create ‘live’ and immersive experiences for the viewer. In the last twelve years, I have been battling with the limitations of the moving image in coming close to the essence of live performance and the imprint it leaves in the memory of the viewer.

Since 2006 I have documented and collaborated with around 500 international artists. Today, I remain committed to capturing the essence and journey of a story or an artwork, and finding a creative way to translate that into a film / immersive experience.

We are entering an exciting time of new ways for audiences to experience and interact with art works, live performances and human stories – with new technologies becoming widely accessible and cost effective.

I have been developing my practice to create 360° video and VR interactive content and am very excited about my Arts Council funded project entitled Virtual.Realities.360 which aims to tour the UK in 2019/2020.