Ana Godinho de Matos (Director)

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My current practice explores the possibilities & challenges of the audio-visual medium to create immersive experiences for the viewer. For the last ten years, I have been battling with the limitations of the moving image in coming close to the essence of the live performance and the imprint it leaves in the memory of the viewer.

Since 2006, I have documented and collaborated with around 500 artists in Europe and southern Africa. In July 2016 I received research & development ACE funds to create a multimedia research project entitled “Re/creating the ‘live act’: Sculpted immersive multimedia experiments in performance art“, with the long term aim of exhibiting the new collaborative art work in experimental formats.

As a member of the Documentation Action Research Collective (DARC), we believe that “Documentation is not just an act of preservation, but a creative act in itself”.

By the age of 12 I had lived in four continents and grew up appreciating distinct cultures, from the intricate designs of Chinese pottery to the trance-like improvisations of southern African traditional dance. I found my passion for moving image on an ethnographic field trip, while attempting to document the disappearing devil masks in a secluded area of northern Portugal.

My background in anthropology has drawn me to projects that merge the discipline with the arts.